Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot Peppers

Holy, hot mama!

I opened my Beef Daily blog this morning and saw that Trent Loos, cattleman and activist, has been thinking specifically of me. I always knew I was nearly famous but this confirms it. Or not.

Loos is spearheading a call for photos called "Hot Peppers in Agriculture" hoping to drum up photos that expose the cool side of production agriculture.

I have posted a link to Loos' blog and am sorting through photos left and right and readying my camera to capture the cool side of young producers. Let the games begin! Hot-cha-cha!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Boy and his Pig

There's not too much in the world cuter than kids and baby pigs. This is my kid and his baby pig. The last time I checked, her name was Jenny but she has had a number of other names including Triangle Back, Spot Snout and Snortie. I hope Jenny sticks.
Caden is planning to show Jenny in the Cloverbud division at the Lincoln County Fair and then plans to breed her next year to get more baby pigs. Eventually, he would like to sell one of the baby pigs to buy more pigs...and a Pokemon game. Whatever.