Monday, October 27, 2008

Enough and the basilica

In July, I had the opportunity to join other Teacher Consultants with the Prairie Lands Writing Project at Conception Abbey in northern Missouri. At the time, I was preparing to leave Missouri for Colorado but first, I had to go before a judge in response to a plethora of motions and appeals. It was a stressful time, to say the least.
Conception has a number of classroom buildings, a gymnasium, cafeteria, dormitories and a basilica. We had some free time to write so I took my computer into the basilica to write.

It was cool and calm and quiet and I felt enough calm and enough peace that I was able to write a bit. When I exited the basilica, I had the first several pages of New Hometown.

The Abbey as it appears early in the morning before the humidity and heat overtake north Missouri.
Sometimes, all we can hope for is enough. Enough peace. Enough love. Enough good. Enough time. Here's hoping for you today, that you have enough of what you need.

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*Marcus said...

Wow! Those pictures are so amazing!! Architecture in Catholic churches are so intricate and beautiful; no wonder one finds tranquility in them. I'm not a devout person but even I, in times of need or extreme writers block, will turn to a place like "the basilica" mentioned above to think.
Be it from a divinity, or a psycosomatic release of progesterone, some places in this world clear our minds, allotting us a time to think. When enough time is spent there, we can all come out a new person. Making good.