Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Famous in a Small Town

Mark your calendars for January! Morgan Community College in beautiful Ft. Morgan, Colorado, will be featuring my multi-genre exhibit for the entire month of January.
The gallery show will include photographs of rural eastern Colorado side by side with poetry, prose and excerpts from "New Hometown."
So, my challenge to you, my dear readers, is to cook up a fabulous name for the exhibit. Think ranchey, think rural, think of something...quick! Post your most inspired names under the comment section of this post (Look for the pencil!) and I'll soon post the official title of the exhibit.


~♥~Heatherlynn~♥~ said...

Ms. Spencer....
How about calling you exhibit something like "Life In A Small Town", hopefully you get the jest of what I was talking about.

Good Luck

P.S.~~ Are you gonna be able to take us to the exhibit??

chelseadawn said...

the title of your post reminds me of the song by marissa lambert.. i think that no matter what you call your exhibit it will still be great.