Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pictures of life out here

Coach and I spent some time together on Thanksgiving and then loaded up and headed to Limon to meet his family...I think they like me, I'm happy to report. Nonetheless, Coach and I jumped in the truck and drove to the family farm south of Limon. Coach knows that I needed some additional photos for my upcoming gallery show at Morgan Community College (It has been extended! The exhibit will run from Jan. 10 through the end of February.) and have not been properly inspired as of late.

While at the Farm Bureau meeting a few weeks ago, we heard photographer Paul Mobley speak about his book, "American Farmer" and I truly found some inspiration and motivation following listening to and meeting him. Coach and I have an autographed copy of the book as well. It's a good one!

At any rate, Coach, my son, Coach's younger sister and I drove around the dirt roads surrounding the farm and little sister and I both had the opportunity to take some photos.

A few photos that will likely hang at Morgan Community College and one of Coach that I like. He was fixing fence and talking on the cell phone. My man has skills, what can I say?

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