Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Texting in Vegas

How many text messages does it take to get married?
Monday night, my 30-something friend, Melissa, used the uber communication tool, FaceBook, to shock and thrill her pals. She changed her status from "In a Relationship" to "engaged" and wrote, "Who wants to know when I'm getting married?"
There was, of course, a flurry of responses from her techno-savvy pals but she remained quiet. Then, yesterday, she posted that "today was the day" and "details would follow". Another flurry of responses blew in but Melissa remained mum.
It turns out, her friend from high school, Misty, is an ordained minister (but that's a story for another blog) and is in Las Vegas on Miss America business (yet another story for another blog). Melissa and her honey, Josh, determined they couldn't afford to fly to Vegas to get hitched and saw that Misty was already going, so.....Misty flew to Vegas and married Melissa and Josh via text message!
My first question, and a darned good one, is how many texts does it take to get married? I know it takes a number of daily texts between Coach and I to accomplish mundane tasks much less any tasks matrimonial. Misty, er, Minister Misty, gave me the rundown of the entire, fabulous, original and legally binding event from a taxi in Vegas as she made her way to the Miss America Pageant headquarters.
Melissa's FaceBook is bursting at the seams this morning with congratulations and I added mine as well. Congrats to you, Mr. and Mrs. Josh!

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