Thursday, April 30, 2009

I do love pigs

It's true. And I was pretty distraught when I received an email from Jon Fisher, a head honcho in the pork business, detailing the sad state of affairs in the pork industry.

Here's the deal, folks. This chart illustrates how the flu hysteria has impacted the Pork industry. Hard working pork producers' livelihoods are in grave danger since the H1N1 virus was labeled "Swine Flu".

Pork is safe to eat. Period.

Misinformation could bear irreparable damages to the family and large farms all across America. These are the same farms that are such a vital part of our worldwide food supplies. Allowing this trend to continue will put farmers, like us, in a terrible situation and will cause the price of groceries to leap. There is no need to buy into the hysteria based on misinformation.

Take care of yourselves and be smart. As for us...we'll be in the hog sheds.

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Meg said...

I really wish people would actually LISTEN and find out that "Swine Flu" is NOT trasmitted by eating pork. Use some common sense, folks!