Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For those of you who are keeping track, it's been a day or two since I posted on my blog. And for that, I apologize, but let me explain.
I wrapped up my time at Byers High School in May and headed east for Coach's farm. As things would happen, I got put to work and learned a number of farm lessons that are keepers (but more on that later...) and generally stayed pretty busy. For example, last Friday we went to town, replaced a trailer tire, picked up sudan grass seed and fertilizer, ran some errands, went to Hugo and got know, nothing out of the ordinary. Then we returned to our new home south of Limon and I vacuumed the drill and Coach sprayed a field.
We got married! On June 19! And our reception will be in late August in beautiful and scenic Hugo, Colorado. More updates to follow and many stories about my new set of adventures as a new farm wife. I promise to be good and update more frequently...


mlameraux said...

Congratulations on your wedding Ms. Spencer... or Mrs. Coach? lol. Thanks for being an awesome teacher my senior year, and best wishes in Hugo.


.:. [arelii] .:. said...

congradulations(: i'm glad!
eventhouqh we all miss you a lot.
you were awesome!!

Mary said...

Congratulations many months late. I just now have had time to look over the PLWP updates and found your blog site. Summer and fall have been busy on this Missouri farm so I don't get much extra net reading time.
Mary Lee